5 October, 2019 - 28 March, 2020

Our Discipleship Training School (DTS) runs as a single school with two different tracks: Revival & Worship or Arts & Community. The Revival and Worship DTS was born out of a dream to see young people with an increased hunger for worship. We want to explore what it means to spend concentrated time seeking God’s heart through worship, and to see revival come to the hearts of all those who take part – and for that revival to spread throughout Scotland!

The Arts and Community track offers an amazing opportunity to explore how we can see communities impacted through the Arts.  In partnership with our local Arts and Community team, participants will get a chance to be involved in local arts-focused ministries, and to see the ways that this can bring positive influence and change.

The DTS is YWAM’s hallmark training opportunity, designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus, and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in missions. You’ll start with a few months training at Stanely House in Paisley, learning about exciting topics like the nature and character of God, hearing God’s voice, and supernatural evangelism. All through the training you’ll have opportunities to grow in worship, evangelism, and service, and will have concentrated times to explore the focuses of the track you choose. Following this training phase, you’ll apply what you’ve learned on an overseas outreach– bringing the love of Jesus to the nations!

The DTS is a set-apart time to learn, grow, and develop your relationship with God and others.  It’s often challenging, but so worth it! If you’re ready for an adventure with God, consider joining us this October!


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Lecture phase: £2250
includes food & accommodation

Outreach Phase: £1000
plus flights

Visa Info

A visa is required for those who live outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) to join us. The visa laws regularly change in the UK so when coming for a DTS, it is very important to apply for a visa AFTER you’ve been accepted onto the course- we will help you navigate the process.

You should NOT book any kind of travel (air ticket, etc) until you have been successfully granted your visa. A visa can only be obtained outside of the United Kingdom and the status cannot be changed once you are within the UK.

More details can be found in the application info pack.





In the lecture phase, you’ll live in community at Stanely House in Paisley, and learn through teaching personal study, practical training and from each other.

One of our foundational value is that we do first and then teach, so our speakers and teachers share what they’ve lived and learned firsthand.




Scotland has long been a centre of faithful revivals and outpourings of God’s Kingdom on Earth. The Revival & Worship track wants to see that past restored! Through prayer and music, ministry and outreach, you will begin to see the beauty of God’s closeness brought to the nation of Scotland.

Are you ready to experience all God has to offer amongst the deep and powerful history to be found here?




The Arts & Community track aims to bring a deeper understanding of our place as emulators of the Creator, made in His image. We want you to better hear God’s voice and express it through your artwork without the weight of ‘sacred vs. secular.’

We aren’t simply ‘Christian artists.’ We are artists who dwell in faith, free to express who we are, to process the inside and make it external. We don’t want to be boxed in, instead exploring beyond the world of religious art and symbolism, the language of ‘Christianese’.

Art should speak to all of humanity.





The outreach phase focuses on applying what you learned during the lecture phase through an intense, cross-cultural mission experience.

You’ll discover new cultures and seek God’s heart for the people you serve.

Outreaches may be a mixture of relief work, practical work, intercession, youth work and more – with evangelism at the core of the experience.

When possible, we seek to send outreach teams to our eight adopted people groups. Locations are decided per school and consideration is given to the talents, skills, relationships and callings of the group to a particular location.